1000x Larry Mahan Imperial Hat Genuine Mink Belly

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The Larry Mahan Premium Hat Collection is recognized around the world as the ultimate in handcrafted cowboy hat. They are then adorned with only the finest of precious metal buckle sets. 100% genuine roan leather sweatbands and woven lining finish off the absolute best hats made in America.


  • 1000x Genuine Mink
  • 4 5/8 cattleman hat crease crown
  • 3.5 Or 4" Brim
  • Authentic cattleman crease hat styling
  • Sterling silver and gold buckle set with genuine diamonds
  • Inside Woven Lining &Tooled Leather Sweatband
  • Comes with a handcrafted carrying case
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A

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